Joining Null Sec

So, I joined a null-sec corp.

Yes, I know, null-sec is filled with rage and terror and nastiness, but hear me out.

I spent over a year in Eve-uni, doing a ton of random content. Mostly incursions and other PvE. We then started blobbing up for fleets, and that didn’t go so well. The war we were in wasnt a war, as the other side were padding killboards and just being trolls, which was a bit annoying.

I got tired of it.

I tried one null-sec corp. But I had a real clash of cultures. Bascially I took umbance with the use of a racist term, and it got me a load of stick. I left. That is not to say everyone in thaat corp was like that, no, it’s just that there was a critical mass that means i didn’t think i could stick around them.

So, i moved onto RvB. RvB are good for just fights, but it really became a bit of a meat grinder. Fights for fights sake really didn’t get me going as much as i thought.

Time to move on.

I did my homework, and found a group that are in NPC Null-sec, part of an alliance, not too big to be daunting, but not too small to be useless. And i had a chat with the CEO.

CEO was really easy going, we went through what i was looking for, what he was looking for. A quick API exchange and we talked about doctrines and what ships i wanted to fly. He said to me that if i was a spy, not to worry, they already had loads. And that there wasnt enough in the Corp coffers to steal. Ten minutes later and i’m in.

No surgery, no pain. Just a new corp to dive into.

And almost straight away, im in a fleet.

I love flying logistics. Sure, the killboard stats take a beating, but if that’s why you fly, then Logi isn’t for you. Logi is the force multiplier. It’s making a difference, keeping your dps alive and earning every one of those “Thanks for saving my ass guys”.

Fleet formed up. It was a slew of HACS, some Dictors, Some tackle and 10 logi as the backbone. Facing us , in a 2 to 1 advantage, was a load of HAM caracals, with cheap logi and disruption.

The fight was intense, occurring in 2 different locales. We jumped into them on the first engagement, took some losses, and managed to stabilize Reps. The amount of damage the HAMS can do is amazing, i can see them as being a really good damage dealer. However we were packing some interesting anti missile tech that seemed to do well and reduce DPS (Smart bombs!). It seemed to help, and the enemy disengaged.

Thus we had a little cat and mouse as we tried to reengage, and the fight occurred again.

I got tackled a few times, but the smart bombs and pulsing of MWD kept me out of serious damage range. We did lose a few logi’s, but i survived.

My favourite moment was repping one of the hacs from low structure and keeping him up. It was give or take, but he managed to get to the end and didn’t lose his ship. And we got a thank you for that.

Logistics Support is a fun ship type to fly. I’d recommend starting out on the solo ships (T1) to try it out.


Hello there,

I play Eve Online. And i am not very good at it. That’s not to say i’m a total idiot, it’s just that I know some things and details, but i haven’t crested the hill into “good player”.

I figure there are a great many others like me, and they like playing Eve, but atre at my stage. So why not fill a blog with my progress, train of thoughts and other details and see if people get a kick out of it.

Feel free to post up comments and feedback.

Take care