401k beat Black Legion in destroyed ships (Our own)

Well, we are back in 6NJ. And Black Legion are hitting our towers. Time to form up and defend. Doctrine up, and go get them. This will be awesome.

And it turns into a curb stomp.

And it isn’t once or twice. Its every time. Black Legion just kill the crap out of us.

Make no mistake: participation is low after our deployment. And morale with us is not as it should be. But add to that the fact that Black Legion are handing us our own scalps in every engagement? Well, this isn’t even competitive at this point. and it’s telling.

I was talking about it to a few alliance mates and I made the point: Is there shame in admitting you are not as good as you’d like to be?

I don’t think there is.

Sure, there is the bragging rights. Everyone wants to talk about how awesome they are, and how everyone is worse than their corp/alliance/coalition. But that can’t be true for everyone.

It’s okay to say: “We are not good enough for this fight”. And that is true with Black Legion. They are delivering savage beatings.

So, you get faced with a choice.

Stay, and be on the receiving end of negative morale as you get crushed over and over. And watch participation plummet as you do so.

Or make the choice to make a change, even if that choice will get you poked fun at.

Well, the details are here: (WARNING: REDDIT AHEAD): http://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/1jecnq/401k_abandons_venal/

I think Zeroniss made the right choice. We really need to get ourselves in a state where we are rolling together like a cohesive team. Things haven’t been their best, and getting us back to a state where we can compete or take part in good fights is a good place to be.

However moving the new Carrier I have when I don’t have the skills for it is going to be a bloody nightmare! KHAAANNN!!!!

Peace out.


PvP Logistics: Why Incursions are great practice!

I wrote a few paragraphs on how to get into incursions. Then I realized that there are two great resources that would be better than my atrocious prose. 256px-Oneiros

What I want to write was an explanation about my experience, and why any fleet logistics pilot should get their feet wet with incursions.

My own time with Logi was inspired by incursions. I started the long train to get into it, wanting to get a taste of the Gravy Train. As part of Eve Uni we had our own regular incursion fleet. This was great as we has a lot of beginner players, wanting to get into incursions, and an FC who was willing to take the time to explain what was going on.

I was terrible to start with. I would take so much time looking in the broadcast window, finding the person in the overview, locking them up. So slooooow. I would not be ready for spikes in alpha damage. Oh yes, i was terrible.

And during that time I learned a great many things. Locking up via the broadcast window. Setting up my watch list. Pre-locking certain ships to avoid the lock time. Listening to the FC calling primaries and how he chants, to get an idea of how the fight was going. Learning to stagger the activation of reps, and visually getting an idea if I need to apply more or less reps. Capacitor management. Knowing when to let a ship die, or when to overheat your reps to keep a ship up.

And, through all of that, was the knowledge that this was a “safe” fight. The opponents were not PvP. They would not leave the field. And they were predictable and repeatable.

The ISK is also awesome.

How did this help? First real fleet fight i got in as Logistics I saved three ships in deep structure and i can point to our victory in that fight to me coming in at range and maintaining our core DPS ships. And i didn’t freak, i wasn’t nervous, I just kept cool and did the work. All because I had the practice I was given in incursions.

If you haven’t given them a try, or are still super nervous about fleet fights, get in there. The community is friendly, and you will be able to practice your fleet fight skills in a safe , controlled environment.

Peace out.

Black Legion are a bunch of……

I am now back in beloved 6NJ.  So happy now that the deployment is over (It wasn’t the greatest of successes for us).  Fountain is, to us, a loss. The big fight was last night and it looks like the war is done. CFC take fountain and TEST go away.

That being said, a fight between multiple alliances and one alliance who had random help was never really going to be anything but a win for CFC anyway.

You have to give TEST credit for putting up a pretty epic struggle. And we got some pretty good fights. I hope they regroup and come back stronger than ever: New Eden always  needs some diversity

Now that’s over and Black Legion have reset us (Ref: http://themittani.com/news/black-legion-resets-retirement-club). Black Legion, as you recall, were the ones “Paid off” by the CFC to let their capitals go after some brilliant maneuvers. This of course means they are the great Satan and must be destroyed. In reality it means they are just guys who like fighting and want a fight that isn’t blue balls ahoy.  And we are gonna give them what they want. And what we want, of course. Reinforcing our moons is  a good way to initiate, and i think we will be glad to oblige. And it provides a tactical backdrop.

I get the whole “Person X is evil and must be destroyed” style of play. I just don’t really subscribe to it myself. People want to have fun and blow ships up. People want to have fun and mine, or do incursions, or mission. More power to them. If they are having fun, then so what? Where’s the beef? And a PvP alliance will have no fun if there isn’t anyone to shoot at.

There are some groups who practice the tactical blue ball in the hopes it will bore the other side out. I guess that’s all good and tactical and stuff. Just seems super boring.

I prefer to log in and kill ships.

BL, I’m told, really likes killing ships.

Hence this will be fun, and I think a bit of respect for the them is on order.

I’ll still be blowing you guys up.

Peace Out

My EVE Career

My EVE Career.

So, I haven’t actually told you who I have flown with.

I actually started playing to get in tight with my boss, the GHSC heist was the topic and I figured it sounded awesome, and I should get into that.

For the first part of my Eve career I flew in a NPC corp just doing missions. That didn’t work out and I stopped playing, for ages.

Finally decided to come back and I decided to do things right.

First step was to get into a PC corp, and I got into Shadowfire. A really nice bunch of Miners and Industrialists based out of W-Space, part of the 4-M alliance. They have a nice Class 1 and 2 and live in there, doing sites and making obscene ISK with some of the tightest mining around. Look them up if you like. Verran Skarne is a chill bro. Link: http://shadowfireguild.guildportal.com/

After making stupid mistake after mistake I realised I needed to actually get into the guts of Eve.

I joined Eve Uni. It was a no-brainer. A corp that trains you up. I availed myself of a great many courses, and began to get a real good idea of how Eve worked. Got into some fleet fights and developed a taste for PvP. Still didn’t get good at it. I blew up some terrible Tengus, and generally was all about the missiles. Did a whole load of Incursions, and developed a real love of Logistics. For all the bad mouthing that comes with being so big, the Uni was a very welcoming place, and had loads of great people.

After Uni is joined GoonFleet. And that didn’t last long. I am not saying all people in GSF are bad, quite the contrary, most of them are friendly and nice. There is a whole other story there which I might go into at a later date, but I wont badmouth everyone just because of my experience. I did not have a good time, and I chose to leave.

I still had a desire for PvP so I got into RvB. Random fights all day every day. Can’t go wrong with that. I began to appreciate Amarr ships during this time, hefty tank and decent damage. I had worked up Gunnery and was now set for all Hybrids. Now to go for Lasers. I also did some Bombers Bar fleets, because, well, Bombers Bar are amazing. Proof:

And then I got tired of RvB. It was fleet warfare with no real objectives. I still had the desire for nullsec, but I didn’t know what to do. I almost quit EVEat this time. I did Incursions (something I loved doing since Eve uni)

So I decided to bite the bullet and see what null sec corps I could find.

And, first one was the one I joined.

ReSpawners : https://gate.eveonline.com/Corporation/ReSpawners

An EU timezone PvP corp. No PvE, all about the PewPew. I spoke to Captain Kanki and we went through my details. It was one of the fastest corp interviews ever. And I joined up straight away. One crazy flight later and in 6NJ, and being asked to join a fleet. It was that simple.

ReSpawners are part of 401k (boo hiss) who base out of 6NJ and do nullsec warfare and fun fleets. And I am happy to be part of them. Its a pretty laid back group, and no real stress. good people and good times.

That’s my Eve career so far. I have a desire to go into Black ops and then Capitals, and I think I have found the best place to do so, at this time.

Peace out.

End of Deployment

So, our deployment to Fountain has come to an end, and we soldier back to our home in Venal. We have an entire week with no fleets to gain ISK.

Which leaves me in a predicament. What should I do to gain ISK?

Now this is hard. I won a Somer Blink thing and got a stupid amount of ISK, and this is sitting in my Capital fund. But even with a T2 capital set I’ll still be on 10 billion. So I don’t need the money, but it’s good to get into the habit of earning it.

I have a few options.

Mining: Null sec mining got a major buff, so I could just mine  my ass off. In doing so I could start some manufacture in nullsec, or work on POS fuels. This may be what i do, as very few people do it. Got to be prepped for the hot drop though.

Planetary Interaction: This is always an option. Get some PI on the go and earn ISK in a passive fashion. it is also good in that If i do it right, I could just manufacture POS Fuels in nullsec.

Exploration: I think everyone and their dog will be doing this. Relic/Data sites can be super profitable though. Its kinda fun, and rewarding.

Ratting/Sites: Fighting PvE, with possibility of loot drops. Again the exploration system makes this awesome. Doing it in nullsec does leave you open to the hot drop however. i have got to be careful.

Missioning: I could slowly kill myself and get some standing with Guristas, and earn pittance. Let me think….

Incursions: My first PvE love. I could join Incursion fleets and go kick some ass. Is there still an Incursion civil war on the go?

This is not going to be an easy choice. Do you guys have any ideas?

Peace out

Not logging in

I haven’t been able to log into Eve that much the last few days. Real life wins all ties apparently!  Which does lead me into a thought:

Casual gaming in Eve is a wonderful thing. And tapping into that can make your corp/alliance flourish!

Consider some of the bigger alliances and corps. They usually have fairly easy entry requirements and very little in terms of activity requirements. That means they can grow fast, and have a sizable amount of members to call upon.

Now, that is not to say these causal members will be on every fleet, or every op. but it does mean there is a potential for a high amount of players if operations are there that motivate these players to log in.

I’ll put an example: GoonFleet have a large amount of potential and casual members. Some of which stop subscribing when they don’t feel the need to play. But when they are informed of interesting content (The war with TEST for example) they join right back up. Fleets are not mandatory, occur at all hours, and have easy entry requirements. These all add up to a very low barrier for fleets, and for entry, and thus a higher turn out.

Thus when GoonFleet turn up to fights, they have a very high participation because of these factors!

Something to think about.

Peace out.

Thoughts on PLEX and MTX

Confession time:

I worked for an MMO company. I developed game content as well as back end systems on three titles. One of those titles is one of the largest MMO’s in the world. Another of those titles (to be released Q3/4 2013) is one of the largest IP’s in the World.

That company’s name was Jagex and the games were RuneScape and Transformers Universe.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this so that you know where I come from when I speak of MMO mechanics and monetization.

I have played quite a lot of MMO’s. City of Heroes (up until it was disgracefully canned). Matrix Online. World of Warcraft (Don’t judge me). The Secret World. I even played RuneScape for a bit (You can judge me for that).

I have seen a great many ways of monetizing a game. Subscription. Cash Shop for all. Cash shop for cosmetic items. And so many great parts of the game open to the MTX area.

Fundamentally I think MTX based payment systems will become the norm, as subscription can only go so far. Blizzard has already made the first steps into it, and will continue to press that as a system. I know of very few games that will open with a subscription base. They will instead have some method of MTX. I don’t like pay to win cash shops. I don’t like MTX. And I am not a fan of how it is done in the MMO space.

Why am I okay with PLEX? How is it that the PLEX system has converted me for EVE? Why is it that this is okay in my mind?

The PLEX system formalizes an informal relationship. one player saying to another : “If you pay for my sub this month, ill give you X”. This happened a lot in RuneScape (I saw the logs). RuneScape has PayBySms systems that people would use for this, and it was frequently the target of scamming (Which, for non Eve games, usually gets you a temp ban).

The PLEX system removes the scamming component. You have a concrete in game item you have bought for money that corresponds to a subscription, that can be sold at market value to other players. And the amazing thing is that it allows people on low incomes to continue to enjoy the game, and also allows people with low time to spend in game, to be able to gain cash to enjoy the game as well.

It’s a good tradeoff. Coupled with the offline skill training mechanic, it means people who are time poor time can still enjoy and progress in the game.

The ramifications are that it means the entire Eve market is one big cash shop. Nothing is not for sale that can’t be bought via the indirect PLEX method. And it is now such a part of eve that to remove it would seem folly.

I proposed actually switching RuneScape to such a system, once upon a time. I thought this formalization would remove the scams that occurred. And, to be honest, the money we would rake in for such a thing would be immense. The powers that be chose not to, instead opting for an alternative mechanic for allowing for out of game cash -> gold (Squeel of Fortune). I still think my solution was better.

Any game with a subscription base, would be wise to follow the CCP lead.

Peace out

P.S: I did three major events, one seasonal content, one Machinima item and systems work for RuneScape. I think there’s a YouTube video of me with long hair talking like an idiot out there. I also did systems programming for Transformers Universe. The guys developing that are amazing people and the story of how it started is one I’ll have to sit on for a while yet (I think I’m still under NDA for that)