“Nobody gives me the raspberry!”: Adventures in terrible PvP

Time continues to march on. And I have had a little bit of a break from writing. time to get back on the horse.

Man, I am straight up terrible at small gang pvp. I panic too quickly and forget things. I need to get blown up a few more times to really get used to my sitation.

I flew a Blackbird (please don’t hate me) with a corp mate in a Moa. A rook was doing a very slow orbit around a gate at 150, so we engineered warp ins. I aligned up and my mate in the Moa brings the tackle. I warp in and start applying Jams.

Straight away a slasher drops in with us and we start brawling. I get Jams off, and start taking drone damage. Then my shield warning goes off.

I panic, and fly off.

Here’s the Rub, I’m bloody Armour tanked.

I really need practice in Armour Tanking. Too many years flying Caldari has me trained to freak out when i hear the shield warning.

That being said, our blaster Moa didn’t really cause the Rook much pain, and we warped off with no losses on either side. But it was a glaring lesson. I need more small gang and solo PvP practice.

It’s a good thing we are in FW space.


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