Poetic Injustice

I still have a blog banter to write, but i wanted to take a moment to talk about another blogger: Poetic Stanziel. (http://poeticstanziel.blogspot.co.uk/)poetic_stanziel_2012_05_27 (1)

Poetic, like me, was an Eve Uni alumni. He spent much of his career doing stuff with Fweddit and the FW space. Recently he joined the CFC and helped with the fountain War.

His blog was abrasive, opinionated and regular. More recently his posts had atinge of Agit prop as well as good old CFC cheerleading.

One thing was sure, his posts were never boring, and they were always an interesting read.

Take the time to go have a look. He is branching out his writing to other areas now, but I think with him gone from EvE: New Eden will be lessened

Peace out.


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