Stepping to the Plate: Poetic’s List of Grievances.

Poe announced his retiring from EvE. You can find it here: . I wanted to take a moment  to cover some of the points Poe made, and my own thoughts on them. Bear with me as I poke the hornet’s nest.

  • Hulkageddon not happening: Hulkageddon can still happen. There is nothing stopping it, all that’s needed is someone to step up and call for it.  Why isn’t it happening? Perhaps Helicity Boson didn’t have the time to set up the site. Perhaps the war for the CFC meant the cash wasn’t there. An enterprising pilot could maybe talk to Somer blink and get some sponsorship. Now, i’m aware that the Mining Barge changes meant that ganking barges is no longer the easy task it used to be, but that doesn’t prevent it from occurring. It just means any gank need to be set up correctly. So IMHO that isn’t a factor in the event not happening.
  • TOS Changes: I don’t see it as a big deal. The sort of scams that rely on misspelled names and saying you are someones alt are rare, and really boring. The scam where you slowly pull in your mark. Or the corp joiner who cleans out the hanger. That’s the real meat. That’s still going to happen.  This is not that big a deal, and I think people are making mountains out of molehills over it. It isn’t removing lying and subterfuge. Its stopping some cases that, tbh, are based on misreading an in-game font.  As someone who is Dyslexic. I don’t mind this. And a few other cases that they feel are causing issue. I don’t know the full reasoning, but i get the inclination.
  • Development Bad:  I agree and disagree. I agree that there hasn’t been a Jesus feature. The last 3 expansions have been revisions and not really expansions. There have been no added gameplay, not of the lies of wormholes or incursions. However the revision changes have been good, adding interesting new gameplay and fun times for all. The myriad Frigate and Cruiser fights happening now are a real bonus, and FW has ignited Low Sec to where it should be. The hacking game…it sucks. It is a terrible mini game and i could make better. But the idea of it, i like. the idea of a sub game to attached to exploration is cool. I think mining might be another area where this might help (I’ll detail how i would change mining in a later post)

I wont talk about Screegs and bots. It might be true, it might not be. But with no real evidence i cant really say, and I’m loathe to comment on something where there isn’t much proof.

So yeah: I can see where Poe is coming from. I may not fully agree with the criticisms, they do add up to a good enough set of reasons to give Eve a break, maybe forever.

I wont. Having too much fun killing stuff atm.  And that’s the real take away. If its fun, then that’s cool. But if its no longer fun, then taking  a break might be a good idea.

Peace out.






2 responses to “Stepping to the Plate: Poetic’s List of Grievances.

  1. I’m not sure where this comes down to “enough reason to give Eve a break”. I mean, sure everyone’s entitled to their own reasons for a break but you basically say “not really, not really, yeah maybe”… and then “okay, yeah he’s justified”. I’m not getting the math here.

    Then again knowing Poetic these aren’t the real reasons he’s leaving, they’re just the ones he thought would draw blog hits =P

    • I guess what i was saying was that, if i believed as Poe did, i’d be justified in taking a break. I just think his conclusions are mostly wrong based on the evidence.

      And, driving blog hits is the only way to write, don’t you know. Even if you are frequently wrong (Like me!)

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