It’s The End Of 401k As We Know It…

The news from my former alliance is that Evolution, the Sir Molle fronted corp, has left 401k (dotlan link here: )

Sir Molle was the military director for 401k. In addition EVOL has over 300 members. That’s over a third of 401k, all gone. And the latest reddit rumours ( is that Shiva is “considering its options”. With Zeroniss stepping down from Alliance lead, that means, in coded language, they are about to jump ship.

And that tells me 401k is coming to an end.

I was enthusiastic when i was in there. I worked hard, attended fleets, and really tried to help out. But there were too many factors against fun that it did turn into a slog at times.

Enforcing a deployment was the big mistake. It took far too much effort to get stuff shifted and we barely made a difference. And that hit morale bad.

The move from null-sec to HopHib to get into the NC. fleets was a mistake. We never really got into their fleets, and things went down hill.

Then we started losing corps.

Finfleet left, and that wasn’t big in my eyes. But NYAN leaving was huge. They formed some awesome fleets.

Then Manson left. And we were told to deploy somewhere else. And i got to talking to the Manson guys.

They ran the awesome KOTH fleet. They ran all the fun fleets i was in.

I jumped ship. It was a no brainer.

And, after that, i hear that 401k got station camped by PL, and now we are where we are.

I feel bad for it, but then, I think it was falling apart anyway. Good luck to all the guys that are in 401k. Sorry that it’s ending. i hope you find a place to call your own.

Peace out.


4 responses to “It’s The End Of 401k As We Know It…

  1. Sad to see 401K die.

    We at .NYAN enjoyed our time there a lot but towards the end it seemed that the military direction of the alliance fell apart.

    When we first joined 401K it was all about good fights and having fun but after they got their hands on a few moons they decided to try and be a sov entity and an alliance thats built on fun fights quickly dies when you ask your members to grind moons.

    • I cannot agree with you more. NYAN leaving was my canary (so to speak!). Fun fleets dwindled. Then i was in an amazing KOTH fleet ran by Manson, and they left the day after. At which point i left with them. I’d rather go where the fun is, than not, and it wasn’t working out for me.

      Hope you guys are doing okay!

    • Hey there,

      You should have a word with Tru Darksniper. I think hes trying to organise something in that area.

      It was super fun to fly with Nyan the times i was able to. You guys rock.

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