Trying out the Manly Maulus (Solo)

I was checking out a Youtuber called Clahim. He has nice channel devoted to small solo pvp. (

As you know, I am utterly terrible at eve, and always wanting to learn, so watched his videos. There are some cracking ones in there, but one that caught my eye was a Maulus fit that ignored the hull bonus, and focused on its other strengths. 4 mid slots and a big drone bay. Thus making for a good tank and good DPS.   The “Manly Maulus” :

Lets look at the fit:

[Maulus, Manly Maulus from Clahim]
Dual Light Pulse Laser II
Dual Light Pulse Laser II

Medium Shield Extender II
Warp Scrambler II
Stasis Webifier II
1MN Afterburner II

Drone Damage Amplifier II
Damage Control II
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core

Small Core Defence Field Extender I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I

Hobgoblin II x 6

I’m working up to Drone Interfacing 5, but at 4 I get a decent amount of DPS off the fit, with a pretty good tank. but the only way to test the fit is to go out and get blown up: Which was what I tried to do. And yes, the Pee Pew lasers is also awesome. I assume I could get better DPS from other guns, but for this fit most of the DPS was from Drones, and the gun DPS was added icing on the cake. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

My target: Novice Plexes in FW. Novice plexes prevent any ship from entering them except for T1 frigates. This limits the engagements to my level, and meant I could get at least a fair fight. As long as I didn’t get dogpiled that is!

So, first few attempts and I come up with jitters. Forgot to point a Merlin that ran off, and played cat and mouse with a bantam that refused to stay on grid with me. I moved through systems till I reached Manjonakko. Now this was full (over 60 pilots) and with 5 novice plexes, I thought id be able to get some action.

First catch of the day was a rifter. Kill was here:

I came in on the warp in and he was sitting 2k away from me, just waiting on the button. I quickly lock him up and nail him down. I will admit to being nervous. after a second I reminded myself to launch my drones. DPS is needed! Waht a horrible error. But it doesn’t matter, as the fool has not even started locking me up. Too focussed on his FW methinks.

It didn’t take long, I wore him down quickly. After the fight I could see why. Tech 1 guns on a Rifter set up for Tank. This was one of those ships that as designed for the NPC spawns and to farm plexes, and not for any PvP engagement. A cheap kill, but it got my feet wet.

Next plex held a Kestrel. Rockets make my transversal tricks less good, and i was guaranteed to have a tough fight. But I hoped my Drones would burn him down.

I warped in and got the tackle. Instantly he responds with the same. We are both scammed and webbed. No one is going anywhere and we are in it for the duration. I keep the AB running as any speed mitigates some of the rocket damage.

I’m shooting him with Multifrequency in the hope I would land more hits , but he starts trying to get range. Transversal drops to zero and I make the decision to switch to Conflaguration. He is faster than me, but this fight is almost over and he wont get away. With no Transversal I am guaranteed to hit with full DPS, and Conflagration has slightly better damage.

Then I notice, my shield tank is gone. he still has shield. I am gonna die, crap, what do I do. Everything is overheated. I can do nothing but wait as my armour goes, then into structure. I make an effort as the last slivers of hull go away to try to break off. but it’s in vain. I wont be able to warp out. time to pay the pier.

And then.


I won the race. The Kestrel was fit for DPS, so no Damage Control in the low slots. As soon as the shield disappeared my drones and lasers ripped through his ship like paper. And the choice to change to Conflaguration for that little bit extra DPS meant I won the race.

Damage Control 2: I love you so very much.

I couldn’t get another fight so I called it  a night. A great many mistakes, but I learned something, and my first foray into solo PvP was a success. Hope to be doing it more soon.

Peace Out.


4 responses to “Trying out the Manly Maulus (Solo)

  1. Swaped pulse lasers for 200m autocannons, you can dish that expensive power core and all you need is T1 variant also has better tracking and DPS 🙂 the falloff with Barrage is 10km and tracking is better than Conflag.

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