It’s The End Of 401k As We Know It…

The news from my former alliance is that Evolution, the Sir Molle fronted corp, has left 401k (dotlan link here: )

Sir Molle was the military director for 401k. In addition EVOL has over 300 members. That’s over a third of 401k, all gone. And the latest reddit rumours ( is that Shiva is “considering its options”. With Zeroniss stepping down from Alliance lead, that means, in coded language, they are about to jump ship.

And that tells me 401k is coming to an end.

I was enthusiastic when i was in there. I worked hard, attended fleets, and really tried to help out. But there were too many factors against fun that it did turn into a slog at times.

Enforcing a deployment was the big mistake. It took far too much effort to get stuff shifted and we barely made a difference. And that hit morale bad.

The move from null-sec to HopHib to get into the NC. fleets was a mistake. We never really got into their fleets, and things went down hill.

Then we started losing corps.

Finfleet left, and that wasn’t big in my eyes. But NYAN leaving was huge. They formed some awesome fleets.

Then Manson left. And we were told to deploy somewhere else. And i got to talking to the Manson guys.

They ran the awesome KOTH fleet. They ran all the fun fleets i was in.

I jumped ship. It was a no brainer.

And, after that, i hear that 401k got station camped by PL, and now we are where we are.

I feel bad for it, but then, I think it was falling apart anyway. Good luck to all the guys that are in 401k. Sorry that it’s ending. i hope you find a place to call your own.

Peace out.


Crashing Providence: King of the Hill

So, this Sunday we had the King of the Hill event.

King of the hill is an event where everyone brings a specific shiptype, we crap around a region looking for fights until only one is left standing. Every ship must have  remote repair module. In this case we were told it would be Armor tanked battleships. And to form up at Mista for fights. Everyone puts cash into a pot, and the winner is the one that stays on the field. You ship will be blown up, and this isn’t about surviving, it’s about having way too much fun.

I brought an Armageddon. A neuting ship will always be useful in a world of cap heavy shield tanked ships. Fit below:

[Armageddon, KOTH Suck Job]
Large 'Solace' Remote Bulwark Reconstruction
Large 'Solace' Remote Bulwark Reconstruction
Drone Link Augmentor I
Heavy Unstable Power Fluctuator I
Heavy Unstable Power Fluctuator I
Heavy Unstable Power Fluctuator I
Heavy Unstable Power Fluctuator I

Prototype 100MN Microwarpdrive I
Heavy Capacitor Booster II
Heavy Capacitor Booster II
Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron

Damage Control II
1600mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
1600mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Large Trimark Armor Pump I
Large Trimark Armor Pump I
Large Trimark Armor Pump I

Hammerhead II x5
Bouncer I x5
Hobgoblin II x5
Garde I x5
Warrior II x5
Hornet EC-300 x5

Yeah, some of the choices were due to my skills (Couldn’t fit T2 neuts, or T2 sentries.) However it puts out an impressive tank, and is good for the RR.

We formed up and headed out. It was a ragtag fleet of different ships (TFI, Typhoon, Apocalypse, Hyperions). A few others brought some T3 for fast locking and tackle, as well as some cruisers for utility. The hot shit was the bling fit Vindicator. I didn’t put out much hope that it would survive.

Surprisingly our fleet didn’t get much attention, most others getting out of our way, despite us begging in local for people to kill us. However we were in the heart of CVA, so it was only a matter of time before they pounced. And they did, at range, with some kiting ships. They set up at 40km from the gate.

We could have played cat and mouse, but that wasn’t the idea of the fleet. We lemminged into them, and battle was formed.

Do you know how you can tell it was fleet success? They brought in Capitals to finish us off. Holy crap. And the fleet comms was packed up with laughing and joking afterwards.

You can find the BR here: .  Make no mistake: none of us survived.

After some pretty hard morale hits, this was an amazing fleet to be part of.  So much fun!

Peace out.

War On Test: Why We Fight

We are resetting Test.

The reason is that we want to achieve some sov, and the best way is to assault the test holdings. This is for some strategic direction and will involve tight doctrine ships and lots of structure shoots….naaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

The real reason was posted by Zeroniss yesterday, and I really liked reading it:

“The purpose behind the formation of 401K was simple. We are a number of experienced corporations that have tried and done a lot of what this game offers. At the end of the day though, after all the nonsense and politics, we want to just enjoy the game and have fun.

The entire idea behind the Retirement Club is to not take ourselves too seriously, not become too embroiled in pettiness or politics, and to just focus on having fun and generating fun for our membership, because it is always the membership that comes first.

Eventually over time we included younger corps into our midst and realised you don’t need to be old and jaded and bitter to have some of the same ideals to want to enjoy the game while striving to be good at it.”

The reason to reset Test is for fights.

Test wont be the only reset we do. And it is for no good reason for the fact they are around, and want fights.  We want more fights, more good interesting fights, and this is how we are going to get them.

We are not a large alliance. We are here for fun. Lets have fun.

When you read that, it sure makes things simple. When you distill it down, it looks a lot better.

Goodbye NYAN: Alliance update

The Nyan Cat Pirates are leaving 401k.

Unlike the last corp booting, this one isn’t with animosity, but because their raison d’etre isn’t being met by the alliance. They are awesome guys. Give them a wave if you see them. They are nothing less than fabulous.

I think it’s hard to have a catch all alliance. You have to be really big to accommodate everyones play style. And we are not that big. Getting smaller it seems. I’m sure the “Slope” chat will occur in short order (

In a more positive not, Zeroniss put up a post on our forums getting us back to the core principles of the aliiance. Getting invovled in fun content and good fights, as well as good corp and alliance fleets. And shooting goons, cause there’s loads of them near us, and they seem to dislike the alliance because of one member we have for some reason.

That a pretty good way to run.

KOTH is this Friday, i am going to be providing a full battle report in it. Fear the awesome that will soon arrive.

Peace out

What do you do for fun?

I was in a roaming fleet. We had 19 pilots up, 2 logi and some random tackle and dps. It was a good roam. We got to hit a Vexor and VNI fleet pretty hard for no losses, and jumped on the remnants of the RvB ganked fleet (TFI down) before running away due to a seat of heavily tanked Proteus. No big losses, but the team survived.

Anyway, on the homeward journey we got to chatting about content, and the FC brought up an idea that he ran in the past. Unilaterally the fleet was for it.

King of the Hill kingofthehill

Setup: Chose a couple of ship types. They must be equivalent. Every ship must have a remote repair module of the doctrine requested (Shield/Armour). Fit your ship as you see fit.

In additions: Everyone involved puts an amount of ISK into a “pot”.

Fleet flies to a choke point somewhere in space. (Low/Null sec). Fleet also makes sure there is a lot of beverages/food and other things close to hand.

The play: Blow shit up. You are not allowed to flee the grid. You have to stand, and fight any neutral/red that jump in. Kill them hard. The idea is to do as much damage as possible. Kill them all. And don’t worry about bio breaks. Just leave your ship there. This is not serious business.

And don’t be serious. Link crap macros in fleet. Talk crap on comms. This is a social fleet, not a srs fleet.

The fleet is not allowed to leave until it fully whelps. This may take a while, but hopefully your gate ganking and random banter in local will get the attention of some large group, who will arrive to wreck your face.

Allow your face to be wrecked. Your ship will not survive. Accept this. And in doing so know Zen, and peace, and the ability to just go crazy.

The winner: Last man standing takes the pot. Not most damage. Not most kills. Last man standing (i think we may have prizes for the other two, just for fun anyway)

There is no part of this that isn’t awesome. Good fun, social play, a clear objective, and incentive to get involved, and an entire evening of content all up for grabs. This is one of the better fun fleet ideas i have seen. And i am going to be enjoying it.

What do you do for fun?

Peace out

In like Galactica

Jump Drive Calibration training has arrived! Both on my Main, and my single alt account.

Now a few days to get it to level 4, and then I will be set up for two things.

First, on my alt, I have purchased a Rhea. 6.4 billion down the tube, but I am sure it will be worth it. I just need to consider implants that might be useful, and then set up a slew of cyno alts. Then ill be shipping stuff all the way down to staging, hopefully for a tidy profit. I shall have a look at price comparison guides and see if i can set up a system for shipping stuff. What are good margins, that’s something I need to ponder. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Redeemer: Ain't she pretty?

Redeemer: Ain’t she pretty?

On my main, its JDC 4 and then some Blackops skill. Hopefully I’ll be able to be the “pig” for a few Blops fleets. Black ops and bomber fleets can be pretty fun, in an unfair way. The fact that any one ship can suddenly drop a fleet on your head is what makes low and null so dangerous (and fun).

It’ll be a learning experience. I have learned that black ops ships cannot fit a Covert Ops cloak. Thus making my brain bleed. Why would they do that? That being said, I was looking at the fit here : and salivating. It will cost a bunch, but seems super tasty.

More importantly, JDC 4 is a key part of my quest to get into capitals. For Dreadnoughts i need to get Advanced Weapons Upgrades V for Seige. For Carriers its getting Drone Interfacing V (and then the grind into Capital Remote Repair and Energy Transfer). Both will need me to get Advanced Spaceship Command 5 and Capital Ships. Man, it seemed so close, and now it’s 60 days apiece for them.

It will have to wait. Cruise Missiles have been raised as a future weapon system of awesome, so I’ll have to get training there (Cruise Missiles V is 17 days). Typhoon or Raven, that’s the real question. Which do you think is better?

Alliance continues to soldier on, with regular roams every day. I cannot state enough how these regular PvP activities really help bring a team together. The fact we are opening roams to first time FC’s is also wonderful. I have only FC’ed once (Eve UNI) and it was scary and fun. I keep pondering dropping my foot into it.

Peace out.

Quick Update: Alliance woes

It has not been a good time for the Alliance.

Long story short: a corp was a bit upset at our chosen PvP. We were doing regular EU time zone roams to get some fights while waiting for better opportunities. They didn’t like this. There was some behind the scenes discussions that led to the Alliance Leader asking them to leave, but with full blue status and time to get assets out.

However they decided to leave not in a polite fashion. And decided to make a stink. But not before leaking all the chat logs.

This is where it all falls down for me.

I get why you disliked the current PvP stuff. I get the reasons. That’s cool. I also get that you may not like the direction of the alliance, and were not happy that Zeroniss kicked you out. And that the ‘behind closed doors’ chats might have been not nice or pleasant.

I get that.

But delivering a colossal “up yours” to the alliance after all that means you are doing it to all the pilots.

All the guys you flew with.

Every last one.

I loved fleeting with you guys. The fights were good. You seemed pretty chill. If it was an issue with Zeroniss or Sir Molle, I get that you wanted to hit back at them. But did you not think of everyone else with what you did?

Maybe you did? Maybe the whole idea was to try to split the alliance up. I dunno. In the end its your guys call. I just think it was pretty uncool.

I won’t lie. As it stands, we are not in the best of states. But I have to report that the corp I am in is still very tight. Our CEO had a meeting last night and we were all of one mind. ReSpawners have some good people and I enjoy fleeting with them.

Anyway, i’ll get onto the rest of my day later.

Peace out.