Lessons learned from Full Metal Jacket

“Anyone who runs, is a VC. Anyone who stands still, is a well-disciplined VC!”

Actually they should say:

“In Low-Sec: Any small gang who runs is bait. Any small gang that stays and fights is well-tanked bait”

A fleet call gets put out for shield tanked ships. We have deployed to Fountain and there is a small gang harassing us next door. I have, annoyingly, only got frigate level ships ready, so I grab a Tornado from one of the alliance contracts. It’s the same Tornado fit I linked before, but without the Signal Amplifier in the low (Replaced with an additional tracking enhancer II). I’m scripted for scan res and tracking speed.

We make our way over to get some action. We have a fairly mixed bag of ships. One more tornado, a scimitar, and a few other shield tanked cruisers and BC’s. It’s a good mix. I’m feeling confident as we start our prep. And then i begin to feel the small trickle of “We may not be very good”.

First is, I have zero tackle ability in my ship. I am DPS and i know it. I’m fitted for fast lock and massive alpha. And i am okay with that. But it seems that no-one else has a long point, or a lot of webs. I keep wondering if I should have brought my AF harpy. It’s a great fast locking tackle machine that does pretty damn good DPS with its rail fit. But I took the Tornado.

We are made aware of this when a Loki warps into the middle of us. I lock him up and start chewing through his shield as the FC calls for point. And no-one points him.


Okay, we just need better pointing discipline. We can do this.

I should have realised we may not be in a good situation. But, I have FC trust, and I have not enough Eve confidence to try FC’ing again.

So we have a Neutral Alt in system, in a heavily tanked AHAC. Which means our scimitar may not be as useful. He is baiting on an undock to get this gang to engage. We sit on gate, waiting for the opportunity to fight.

The bait calls aggression and we warp in. Primaries are called and we start doing damage.

And the primary disappears. He docked up.

We thought he aggressed. But the problem was flashing red, and not redboxed. A misunderstanding. One that I have made in the past! So we try our best to get the rest of the gang but they dock up and undock.  Undock really quickly.

The station guns are starting to hurt so I align out to warp away. As I align and start my warp, local spikes by 40

Crap. The FC tells people to scatter as i leave grid. I can hear the desperation. But the bait on the undock have started redboxing with their nice scram and web. And no one is going anywhere.

40 Redeemer’s pop in. and start melting face. I am so close to being able to fly one, i can taste it. And seeing a massed Redeemer fleet makes it more tempting. MUST GET BLACK OPS SHIP.

Man, we got baited so good. it was the long con. Get us all nice and aggressed on undock then tackle and wait for the big DPS to do the work. Its…almost like what we were trying, but failed miserably!

Nice bait, and PL get some good kills. I didn’t lose my ship.

Baiting:¬†it’s quite good. I might like to try it sometime.

In good news the deployment is complete and we are ready for some fleets. Hoping for some good fights and interesting play.


Peace out.