In like Galactica

Jump Drive Calibration training has arrived! Both on my Main, and my single alt account.

Now a few days to get it to level 4, and then I will be set up for two things.

First, on my alt, I have purchased a Rhea. 6.4 billion down the tube, but I am sure it will be worth it. I just need to consider implants that might be useful, and then set up a slew of cyno alts. Then ill be shipping stuff all the way down to staging, hopefully for a tidy profit. I shall have a look at price comparison guides and see if i can set up a system for shipping stuff. What are good margins, that’s something I need to ponder. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Redeemer: Ain't she pretty?

Redeemer: Ain’t she pretty?

On my main, its JDC 4 and then some Blackops skill. Hopefully I’ll be able to be the “pig” for a few Blops fleets. Black ops and bomber fleets can be pretty fun, in an unfair way. The fact that any one ship can suddenly drop a fleet on your head is what makes low and null so dangerous (and fun).

It’ll be a learning experience. I have learned that black ops ships cannot fit a Covert Ops cloak. Thus making my brain bleed. Why would they do that? That being said, I was looking at the fit here : and salivating. It will cost a bunch, but seems super tasty.

More importantly, JDC 4 is a key part of my quest to get into capitals. For Dreadnoughts i need to get Advanced Weapons Upgrades V for Seige. For Carriers its getting Drone Interfacing V (and then the grind into Capital Remote Repair and Energy Transfer). Both will need me to get Advanced Spaceship Command 5 and Capital Ships. Man, it seemed so close, and now it’s 60 days apiece for them.

It will have to wait. Cruise Missiles have been raised as a future weapon system of awesome, so I’ll have to get training there (Cruise Missiles V is 17 days). Typhoon or Raven, that’s the real question. Which do you think is better?

Alliance continues to soldier on, with regular roams every day. I cannot state enough how these regular PvP activities really help bring a team together. The fact we are opening roams to first time FC’s is also wonderful. I have only FC’ed once (Eve UNI) and it was scary and fun. I keep pondering dropping my foot into it.

Peace out.