Quick Random updates

Random grab bag of thoughts.

I’m leaving 401k and my corp. There’s a whole blog post to come about that, but suffice to say i’m joining up with some guys who match my playstyle. Manson Family here I come.

Evebloggers.com (Which gives me the most traffic) has stopped working. Which sucks a lot. Firstly as it is the go to page for the blog list, but also because it drove a lot of people to read my stuff. Must go viral.

I did my first Jump Freighter run the other day. Initial terror was replaced with relaxed fear after a while. Need more cyno alts.

I am looking forward to the HAC and Medium Long Range changes. However it does mean a long train to get Amarr Cruiser 5. Damn it!

Almost completed Advanced Spaceship Command 5. Capital Ships: Coming soon.

And thats that.

Peace Out