Hot Drop leads to Gank with Witnesses

I had a really frustrating experience last night.

Our Hot drop fleet landed on a Proteus and wrecked face. ( The fit was 870 million, with bling to match. It looked a lot like an incursion boat. So why he decided to tackle and fight our bait Typhoon is a mystery? I dont mind. We waited an our to catch a fish, and it was tasty.

Anyway, we start burning back to home when we spot another Proteus up ahead. It starts +1’ing us (Staying just in front of our fleet in our route) until we hit some high sec gates. As soon as we drop into high sec we see it on the gate, waiting.

No issue right?

Up until one of our fleet gets tackled by him, a Sleipnir. Be it remnants of a suspect cool down, or kill rights activated, more likely some terrible sec status, this Proteus could get into his face. So he started melting him.

And there was nothing we could do. Not a damn thing. We couldn’t assist our fleet mate, and couldn’t smash the Proteus, otherwise concordokken.

Maybe this is okay. Maybe this is expected mechanics. i just know at that point I was all “WHHYYYYYYY?????”  Man, that was not a fun experience.

Lesson learned. Which is the best sort of Eve experience.

We reimbursed the Slepnir with some nice drops from the Proteus we killed (Faction modules) and some ISK, and all was well. So in the end it wasn’t a loss. Just a bit of an interesting experience.

Peace out


Blood raiders ratting: First steps

It’s been a quiet few days.

I decided to go up to our designated ratting system (We have been given an area to rat in. Sweet.) in order to see what it would be like. No, I am not telling you the system. as I like not being hot dropped.

First issue: It’s Blood Raiders. So we have to deal with EM/Therm damage as well as capacitor warfare. Ouch. That doesn’t make my job easy.

So I dig out a Tengu, grab my missile clone, rummage up some faction modules from my old PvE pile, and start to fit it up:

[Tengu, Why am I taking a shield tanker to Blood Raiders?]
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System

Republic Fleet 10mn Afterburner
Dread Guristas EM Ward Field 
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Dread Guristas Shield Boost Amplifier
Pithi B-Type Small Shield Booster 
'Censer' Medium Capacitor Battery (Is this worth it?)

Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile

Medium Bay Loading Accelerator I
Medium Warhead Flare Catalyst I
Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

Tengu Defensive - Amplification Node
Tengu Electronics - Dissolution Sequencer
Tengu Engineering - Augmented Capacitor Reservoir
Tengu Offensive - Accelerated Ejection Bay
Tengu Propulsion - Fuel Catalyst

Yes, it’s pretty bling. I had a load of these modules from my Level 4 mission running days, when I was PvE heavy and just getting the best modules for everything, so there wasn’t much cost for me. With this fit I’m hitting a good 80% resists to EM/thermal and it is cap stable. The capacitor battery is the one choice I am completely unsure about. Should I add extra buffer? How about another resist module? Or maybe something else?

And here is where we hit a problem. The range is amazing, the tank can take forsaken hubs with ease. So it should be a no brainer? Apparently not. I’m hitting a barrier on DPS and no matter what I do I don’t thing this generates the raw damage i need to be running anomalies.

Make no mistake, this is a good fit. And it does do well. It just doesn’t do as I would normally like.

So whats the alternative? Whats the better choice in this situation? I have been pondering an Oracle Fit. Or even an Apocalypse? I will admit, I am not that well thought out in theorycrafting. I’m assuming Lasers or Missiles might be good due to the Damage type. Te ship will have to deal with all ship types (Frigates up to Battleships), deliver good DPS, but also be able to mop up frigates whilst having a good tank against EM and Thermals.  I can use T2 Hybrids, Lasers and Heavy Missiles. I have Battlecruisers 5 for all races, so there should be something I  can use for this.

It will have to be something to ponder. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Peace out.

In like Galactica

Jump Drive Calibration training has arrived! Both on my Main, and my single alt account.

Now a few days to get it to level 4, and then I will be set up for two things.

First, on my alt, I have purchased a Rhea. 6.4 billion down the tube, but I am sure it will be worth it. I just need to consider implants that might be useful, and then set up a slew of cyno alts. Then ill be shipping stuff all the way down to staging, hopefully for a tidy profit. I shall have a look at price comparison guides and see if i can set up a system for shipping stuff. What are good margins, that’s something I need to ponder. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Redeemer: Ain't she pretty?

Redeemer: Ain’t she pretty?

On my main, its JDC 4 and then some Blackops skill. Hopefully I’ll be able to be the “pig” for a few Blops fleets. Black ops and bomber fleets can be pretty fun, in an unfair way. The fact that any one ship can suddenly drop a fleet on your head is what makes low and null so dangerous (and fun).

It’ll be a learning experience. I have learned that black ops ships cannot fit a Covert Ops cloak. Thus making my brain bleed. Why would they do that? That being said, I was looking at the fit here : and salivating. It will cost a bunch, but seems super tasty.

More importantly, JDC 4 is a key part of my quest to get into capitals. For Dreadnoughts i need to get Advanced Weapons Upgrades V for Seige. For Carriers its getting Drone Interfacing V (and then the grind into Capital Remote Repair and Energy Transfer). Both will need me to get Advanced Spaceship Command 5 and Capital Ships. Man, it seemed so close, and now it’s 60 days apiece for them.

It will have to wait. Cruise Missiles have been raised as a future weapon system of awesome, so I’ll have to get training there (Cruise Missiles V is 17 days). Typhoon or Raven, that’s the real question. Which do you think is better?

Alliance continues to soldier on, with regular roams every day. I cannot state enough how these regular PvP activities really help bring a team together. The fact we are opening roams to first time FC’s is also wonderful. I have only FC’ed once (Eve UNI) and it was scary and fun. I keep pondering dropping my foot into it.

Peace out.

The first step, is realising you have a problem….

There is a moment when you suddenly realise you are terrible at a game, and you never understood it. I find it’s a good moment. Operating under a delusion that you are a good player and bimbling along means you never really try harder.

I can pinpoint the exact moment I realise I was terrible. It was my second Tengu loss.

It got popped in an Eve Uni system by that perma wardec corp. I landed on gate at 0, was aggressed and scrammed by 2 ships, I jumped through, and landed in the midst of 5 others, and I tried to warp off, as opposed to burn my ass back to the gate.

Classic gate camp, and I walked into it. By not being prepared for it, not checking stats or the intel channels, and just flying around like a dope.

Goodbye Caldari Subsystems 5.

So, I sat as I consider the billion isk loss. What the hell was going on. And I thought back to my killboard and the engagements I was in. I wasn’t actually doing well. I did okay in pile ons, but I didn’t actually get much learning or skill with it.

I was terrible at Eve.

I still am terrible, but im learning. I’;m learning things each day. Because I know i’m terrible I can look to see what is happening, why choices are made, and work to get better.

Sig radius, transversal, they are all things I care about now. And slowly, ever so slowly, ill get good at eve.

When I hit a learning topic, I think i’ll post it here. For you and for me.
Peace out