Good Music, and Bad Test

I play EBM and industrial while I fly around in EVE. One of my favorite bands is Front Line Assembly, a band I got to see live last night, in the Garage in London. Transparent Species gives me such an eve vibe: ( when I hear it. And a nice Die Krupps / FLA remix is a great fight song: (

Anyway, a few nights ago 20 of us went roaming. Our target: The Test home system. The reason: Its reset time. And That means giving Test a bloody nose in their new home. Welcome to Low Sec, Test alliance!

We were packing kiting shield BC’s, some light tackle and long range webs. A nice combo. I was , as usual, in my Scimitar to provide needed reps. 4 Scimitars in total, so were definitely take-able if a fast reaction fleet appeared.

We dived directly onto their undock to see what we could get. Points were called and…


Everyone docked up. And for twenty minutes we waited.


No reaction, no undocking. no fast reaction fleet. No engagement. We locked down their undock and system for a good period of time, and Test hid.

What did happen was that Test decided to let us know we were “gay” and “faggots” for turnign up for a fight.

Two things:

  • First: We just reset you. And you couldn’t russle up a fleet to come kick our asses? I wouldn’t have minded being blown up by a superior force. I came for a fight, lets have one! How bad is it that in your home system you cant even repel 20 guys from 401k. We are legitimately terrible! Come fight us, and kick us in! That’s where the fun is.
  • Second: Homophobia? Really? That shows a severe lack of class. If i want to be called a “faggot” i can kiss another man in the street. But then id get my head kicked in, again. i get enough queer hate in real life. And you think saying it makes you edgy? It just shows a lack of class and juvenility. Bad call.

So, the fleet didn’t get much action, and i left with a bad taste in my mouth. KOTH is coming soon, so that should be hyper fun.

Peace out



What do you do for fun?

I was in a roaming fleet. We had 19 pilots up, 2 logi and some random tackle and dps. It was a good roam. We got to hit a Vexor and VNI fleet pretty hard for no losses, and jumped on the remnants of the RvB ganked fleet (TFI down) before running away due to a seat of heavily tanked Proteus. No big losses, but the team survived.

Anyway, on the homeward journey we got to chatting about content, and the FC brought up an idea that he ran in the past. Unilaterally the fleet was for it.

King of the Hill kingofthehill

Setup: Chose a couple of ship types. They must be equivalent. Every ship must have a remote repair module of the doctrine requested (Shield/Armour). Fit your ship as you see fit.

In additions: Everyone involved puts an amount of ISK into a “pot”.

Fleet flies to a choke point somewhere in space. (Low/Null sec). Fleet also makes sure there is a lot of beverages/food and other things close to hand.

The play: Blow shit up. You are not allowed to flee the grid. You have to stand, and fight any neutral/red that jump in. Kill them hard. The idea is to do as much damage as possible. Kill them all. And don’t worry about bio breaks. Just leave your ship there. This is not serious business.

And don’t be serious. Link crap macros in fleet. Talk crap on comms. This is a social fleet, not a srs fleet.

The fleet is not allowed to leave until it fully whelps. This may take a while, but hopefully your gate ganking and random banter in local will get the attention of some large group, who will arrive to wreck your face.

Allow your face to be wrecked. Your ship will not survive. Accept this. And in doing so know Zen, and peace, and the ability to just go crazy.

The winner: Last man standing takes the pot. Not most damage. Not most kills. Last man standing (i think we may have prizes for the other two, just for fun anyway)

There is no part of this that isn’t awesome. Good fun, social play, a clear objective, and incentive to get involved, and an entire evening of content all up for grabs. This is one of the better fun fleet ideas i have seen. And i am going to be enjoying it.

What do you do for fun?

Peace out

I didn’t order the Pizza

Time for some fights.

Our CEO decided to do a quick roam, so we got into some shield fit cruisers and started wandering. I took a Scimitar as I am such a Logibro, but I threw in a 250mm autocannon in a high slot instead of my usual smart-bomb for Kill-mail shenanigans.

A few jumps down and we find ourselves on the other end of a gate with 300 guys in the other side. 300 vs 12. Not good odds, So we hang around the gate hoping to grab a few kills, but to no avail. However we did find the flow path for pods on the way back, so we cracked three empty eggs before returning. Not too bad, even if we didn’t get a fight.

Next up, a quick tower popping. It was slow, so we dropped a few dreads to speed things along. Always helpful to keep the isk flowing for our SRP.

The 7pm roam was the main event though. 40 of us in Nano Shield ships. I was part of a 4 man logi wing (3 scimitars and a scythe). No specific ship, just fast brawling damage and good tank. I kept my corp scimitar build with the EM smart-bomb 2 in the highs. Fit below.

[Scimitar, CCC MWD Scimi]
Capacitor Power Relay II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II

Experimental 10MN MicroWarpdrive I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script 

Large Shield Extender II
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter
Small EMP Smartbomb II 

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Medium Armor Maintenance Bot II x4
Light Armor Maintenance Bot II x1

(You may need a 1% PG implant to make this work)

The roam was mostly without much incident. A few people tried to bait us into station games. No dice. But we heard of a nice 60 man rupture gang just waiting to be kicked in.

Time to clean house.

We sat on the opposite gate to them and started to burn away as it got bubbled in preparation. The Logi wing went to get some distance and keep the DPS between us as the Ruptures jumped in.

The Rupture DPS came in hard. Our lone scythe took stupid damage and was pounded into structure as he was primaried, a few slivers of HP left.

Then the reps landed.

Our reps were keeping him up. And the frustration for the other fleet began.

The DPS was not breaking the reps, and it wasn’t as fast as it needed to be to get ships off the field. And we were melting the ruptures fast.

ECM drones were swarming me, and I got jammed once, but that Smartbomb, such an MVP, cleared them off in short order, and we were back in the game. It was frantic and awesome.

Things were looking up.

Then Pizza arrived with a T3 fleet and POP, I was dead. Oracles and Tornadoes. DAMN YOU!!!

Lots and lots of alpha. With our logi wing gone after 4 alpha hits (no damage to popped instantly) we were done. I fled the field and so did the rest if our guys. We couldn’t engage the T3’s at that distance, and it was just a killing floor.

Man, it was such a good fight. I think we could have won the field with the rupture gang.

Good fight.  Thank you to the Pizza and Renegades Council fleets for getting in there, and making a fight happen.

Peace out.

Edit: was corrected that renegades was not a third fleet, but it was a 2v1. Thanks

PvP Logistics: Why Incursions are great practice!

I wrote a few paragraphs on how to get into incursions. Then I realized that there are two great resources that would be better than my atrocious prose. 256px-Oneiros

What I want to write was an explanation about my experience, and why any fleet logistics pilot should get their feet wet with incursions.

My own time with Logi was inspired by incursions. I started the long train to get into it, wanting to get a taste of the Gravy Train. As part of Eve Uni we had our own regular incursion fleet. This was great as we has a lot of beginner players, wanting to get into incursions, and an FC who was willing to take the time to explain what was going on.

I was terrible to start with. I would take so much time looking in the broadcast window, finding the person in the overview, locking them up. So slooooow. I would not be ready for spikes in alpha damage. Oh yes, i was terrible.

And during that time I learned a great many things. Locking up via the broadcast window. Setting up my watch list. Pre-locking certain ships to avoid the lock time. Listening to the FC calling primaries and how he chants, to get an idea of how the fight was going. Learning to stagger the activation of reps, and visually getting an idea if I need to apply more or less reps. Capacitor management. Knowing when to let a ship die, or when to overheat your reps to keep a ship up.

And, through all of that, was the knowledge that this was a “safe” fight. The opponents were not PvP. They would not leave the field. And they were predictable and repeatable.

The ISK is also awesome.

How did this help? First real fleet fight i got in as Logistics I saved three ships in deep structure and i can point to our victory in that fight to me coming in at range and maintaining our core DPS ships. And i didn’t freak, i wasn’t nervous, I just kept cool and did the work. All because I had the practice I was given in incursions.

If you haven’t given them a try, or are still super nervous about fleet fights, get in there. The community is friendly, and you will be able to practice your fleet fight skills in a safe , controlled environment.

Peace out.

Next door to 9-V: Hero Logi

9-V was an epic fight. You can get details here:

Basically it was a final push for taking the station, and taking it over. It was CFC vs TEST/NS/ETC.

I was watching it on the Mad Ani twitch stream ( and I had to be impressed by some of the maneuvers.

But I wasn’t watching for just entertainment.

Next door, we had our own fleet. deployed to gank stragglers and disrupt CFC reinforcements.

The Timezone made this a very hard thing to do. We didn’t have a lot of ships on field, so we got into a Tornado fleet. High Alpha , with some Logi support.

Me in a solo logi. The return of “Hero Logi”. Scimitar


So I made some quick changes. Added a Cyno in a high slot (3 large reppers) and some ozone for one cyno, just in case it was needed, and away we went.

It was a pretty fun fleet. FC got us into the habit of pre-aligning before any damage was applied, and we started popping ships. We lost 2 Tornados and a Sabre, but for those losses got a few Megas, some Celestis, and some random ships that came to the wrong neighborhood.

It felt good, as we were heavily outnumbered by the opposing side, yet were able to dictate engagement range.

More and more I am respecting the Celestis support fleet composition. It is actually worse than ECM for negating Logistics advantages. I had a Sensor Booster with a script  just for scan res and kept in tight with the fleet as a result. The worst part is there is no real hard counter to the massed Celestis. Such a good doctrine, kudos.

Anyway, we got home okay, I didn’t die, and I saved a few nados. Sure, I wont be rocking any Killboard stats, but I like being able to facilitate the wins we did get.
Peace out.


Logistics: Getting Started

I spoke about logistics in eve in my last post as one of the first missions I got involved in. The thing is. logistics can be a really fun play style if you give it a chance.

If you want to give remote repair a try, here are a few pointers.

First: It is really not that expensive to start out, especially in a small gang setup. There are multiple T1 frigates set up for remote repair for each of the four races. Pro tip: buddy up with a friend in a Frigate/Destroyer and go to town in low-sec faction warfare plexes. Get him to engage 1v1 or even 2v1 and then warp in and start applying reps. Make no mistake, your ability to repair in bursts will easily swing the battle. You will find yourselves up-engaging a lot more, and its a great way to build confidence not just in yourself, but in how the gang is working together. Faction warfare works so well because the smaller plexes limit ship size, meaning you can gain a good advantage, without being beaten over the head by cruisers.

I’ve added a sample build below. I’ve chosen the bantam as a lot of new players do play with Caldari ships, but don’t be afraid to check out builds for the other frigates. The best thing is that it has a very low cost, especially if you forgo rigs, making it useful, and easily replaceable if lost.

Capacitor Power Relay I
Capacitor Power Relay I

Small Peroxide Capacitor Power Cell
Experimental 1MN Afterburner I
Small F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction
Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I

Small S95a Partial Shield Transporter
Small S95a Partial Shield Transporter
Small S95a Partial Shield Transporter

If, after trying out the small gang logistics you develop a taste for it, then it’s time to start thinking T1 Logistics cruisers, and the work towards T2. I’ll put up another post that gives you how to get into the larger logistics play another time.

Peace out.

Joining Null Sec

So, I joined a null-sec corp.

Yes, I know, null-sec is filled with rage and terror and nastiness, but hear me out.

I spent over a year in Eve-uni, doing a ton of random content. Mostly incursions and other PvE. We then started blobbing up for fleets, and that didn’t go so well. The war we were in wasnt a war, as the other side were padding killboards and just being trolls, which was a bit annoying.

I got tired of it.

I tried one null-sec corp. But I had a real clash of cultures. Bascially I took umbance with the use of a racist term, and it got me a load of stick. I left. That is not to say everyone in thaat corp was like that, no, it’s just that there was a critical mass that means i didn’t think i could stick around them.

So, i moved onto RvB. RvB are good for just fights, but it really became a bit of a meat grinder. Fights for fights sake really didn’t get me going as much as i thought.

Time to move on.

I did my homework, and found a group that are in NPC Null-sec, part of an alliance, not too big to be daunting, but not too small to be useless. And i had a chat with the CEO.

CEO was really easy going, we went through what i was looking for, what he was looking for. A quick API exchange and we talked about doctrines and what ships i wanted to fly. He said to me that if i was a spy, not to worry, they already had loads. And that there wasnt enough in the Corp coffers to steal. Ten minutes later and i’m in.

No surgery, no pain. Just a new corp to dive into.

And almost straight away, im in a fleet.

I love flying logistics. Sure, the killboard stats take a beating, but if that’s why you fly, then Logi isn’t for you. Logi is the force multiplier. It’s making a difference, keeping your dps alive and earning every one of those “Thanks for saving my ass guys”.

Fleet formed up. It was a slew of HACS, some Dictors, Some tackle and 10 logi as the backbone. Facing us , in a 2 to 1 advantage, was a load of HAM caracals, with cheap logi and disruption.

The fight was intense, occurring in 2 different locales. We jumped into them on the first engagement, took some losses, and managed to stabilize Reps. The amount of damage the HAMS can do is amazing, i can see them as being a really good damage dealer. However we were packing some interesting anti missile tech that seemed to do well and reduce DPS (Smart bombs!). It seemed to help, and the enemy disengaged.

Thus we had a little cat and mouse as we tried to reengage, and the fight occurred again.

I got tackled a few times, but the smart bombs and pulsing of MWD kept me out of serious damage range. We did lose a few logi’s, but i survived.

My favourite moment was repping one of the hacs from low structure and keeping him up. It was give or take, but he managed to get to the end and didn’t lose his ship. And we got a thank you for that.

Logistics Support is a fun ship type to fly. I’d recommend starting out on the solo ships (T1) to try it out.