It’s The End Of 401k As We Know It…

The news from my former alliance is that Evolution, the Sir Molle fronted corp, has left 401k (dotlan link here: )

Sir Molle was the military director for 401k. In addition EVOL has over 300 members. That’s over a third of 401k, all gone. And the latest reddit rumours ( is that Shiva is “considering its options”. With Zeroniss stepping down from Alliance lead, that means, in coded language, they are about to jump ship.

And that tells me 401k is coming to an end.

I was enthusiastic when i was in there. I worked hard, attended fleets, and really tried to help out. But there were too many factors against fun that it did turn into a slog at times.

Enforcing a deployment was the big mistake. It took far too much effort to get stuff shifted and we barely made a difference. And that hit morale bad.

The move from null-sec to HopHib to get into the NC. fleets was a mistake. We never really got into their fleets, and things went down hill.

Then we started losing corps.

Finfleet left, and that wasn’t big in my eyes. But NYAN leaving was huge. They formed some awesome fleets.

Then Manson left. And we were told to deploy somewhere else. And i got to talking to the Manson guys.

They ran the awesome KOTH fleet. They ran all the fun fleets i was in.

I jumped ship. It was a no brainer.

And, after that, i hear that 401k got station camped by PL, and now we are where we are.

I feel bad for it, but then, I think it was falling apart anyway. Good luck to all the guys that are in 401k. Sorry that it’s ending. i hope you find a place to call your own.

Peace out.


Quick Random updates

Random grab bag of thoughts.

I’m leaving 401k and my corp. There’s a whole blog post to come about that, but suffice to say i’m joining up with some guys who match my playstyle. Manson Family here I come. (Which gives me the most traffic) has stopped working. Which sucks a lot. Firstly as it is the go to page for the blog list, but also because it drove a lot of people to read my stuff. Must go viral.

I did my first Jump Freighter run the other day. Initial terror was replaced with relaxed fear after a while. Need more cyno alts.

I am looking forward to the HAC and Medium Long Range changes. However it does mean a long train to get Amarr Cruiser 5. Damn it!

Almost completed Advanced Spaceship Command 5. Capital Ships: Coming soon.

And thats that.

Peace Out

War On Test: Why We Fight

We are resetting Test.

The reason is that we want to achieve some sov, and the best way is to assault the test holdings. This is for some strategic direction and will involve tight doctrine ships and lots of structure shoots….naaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

The real reason was posted by Zeroniss yesterday, and I really liked reading it:

“The purpose behind the formation of 401K was simple. We are a number of experienced corporations that have tried and done a lot of what this game offers. At the end of the day though, after all the nonsense and politics, we want to just enjoy the game and have fun.

The entire idea behind the Retirement Club is to not take ourselves too seriously, not become too embroiled in pettiness or politics, and to just focus on having fun and generating fun for our membership, because it is always the membership that comes first.

Eventually over time we included younger corps into our midst and realised you don’t need to be old and jaded and bitter to have some of the same ideals to want to enjoy the game while striving to be good at it.”

The reason to reset Test is for fights.

Test wont be the only reset we do. And it is for no good reason for the fact they are around, and want fights.  We want more fights, more good interesting fights, and this is how we are going to get them.

We are not a large alliance. We are here for fun. Lets have fun.

When you read that, it sure makes things simple. When you distill it down, it looks a lot better.

Goodbye NYAN: Alliance update

The Nyan Cat Pirates are leaving 401k.

Unlike the last corp booting, this one isn’t with animosity, but because their raison d’etre isn’t being met by the alliance. They are awesome guys. Give them a wave if you see them. They are nothing less than fabulous.

I think it’s hard to have a catch all alliance. You have to be really big to accommodate everyones play style. And we are not that big. Getting smaller it seems. I’m sure the “Slope” chat will occur in short order (

In a more positive not, Zeroniss put up a post on our forums getting us back to the core principles of the aliiance. Getting invovled in fun content and good fights, as well as good corp and alliance fleets. And shooting goons, cause there’s loads of them near us, and they seem to dislike the alliance because of one member we have for some reason.

That a pretty good way to run.

KOTH is this Friday, i am going to be providing a full battle report in it. Fear the awesome that will soon arrive.

Peace out

The Return of the Band of Brothers? (Alliance thoughts)

Before I begin: That was a fairly intense ATXI wasn’t it? Full props to Pandemic Legion for pulling out the win when their backs were against the wall. You can check out all the ATXI stuff here: . Given time the matches will pop up on YouTube.

Okay, with that out-of-the-way, personal nerws.

Out Alliance went down to HopHib to hook up with NCdot and take part in some ops. Now, having to move up then move down within a week has been a bit of a breaker of wills. Much kudos to my Corp for helping me move my stuff. I managed to get most of it out, but 6NJ was in full firesale mode. Many thanks to Black Legion for bubbling the station to make our leaving a little more exciting *shakes fist*.

I was bored after no ops so I popped thee Warp Core Stabs on a Retriever and decided to CannonBall run down through CFC space, for shits and giggles. (Sorry Rixx: It was quite fun, as I had about 5 ships just behind me, desperate to get a point. And it was going so well, right up until they got a Sabre in front of me. Well it saved me another 20 jumps or so as I appeared in a new clone. Worth a run, and hopefully fun for the other side as well.

I understand that people consider 401k to be BoB. Well, you can rest easy now. Happy Endings (F0NDL) and Fin Fleet (FINFL) have decided that the direction the Alliance is taking is not for them, so we have bid them adieu. They were fun to fly with, and I wish them the best, but they will not be a part of 401k now. And with that, the :tinfoil: about the new BoB comes to an end.

Is the BoB rage stuff still going on btw? When is the shelf life for this? Molle is a military planner, but he isn’t in charge (That would be Zeroniss). At what point do people begin to chill out? I guess I just don’t get all the demonization of people. Mittani is just a dude. Molle is just a dude. They aren’t the second coming of Satan. The CFC are not evil personified. Pandemic Legion are not the Mongol hordes. Some of the time, they give fun fights. And that’s why we play, isn’t it. For the random fun explosions in space?

Well, if you excuse me, I have to go get some more BPO’s from out ‘inside man’ in CCP, while at the same time tactically resetting nodes for our advantage. Being evil takes work you know. (Yes, i am kidding, so chill)

P.S If you are new to EvE, take some time to read some of the old stuff (Good link: It is AMAZING. The BoB war was some of the most exciting content to come out of an MMO, with deception, lies, guile and an awesome tactical move that seemed suicide, but worked beyond anyone’s wildest dreams (I’m taking GS dropping their claimed space to assault directly into the heart of their enemy).

This game is awesome.

Peace out.


401k beat Black Legion in destroyed ships (Our own)

Well, we are back in 6NJ. And Black Legion are hitting our towers. Time to form up and defend. Doctrine up, and go get them. This will be awesome.

And it turns into a curb stomp.

And it isn’t once or twice. Its every time. Black Legion just kill the crap out of us.

Make no mistake: participation is low after our deployment. And morale with us is not as it should be. But add to that the fact that Black Legion are handing us our own scalps in every engagement? Well, this isn’t even competitive at this point. and it’s telling.

I was talking about it to a few alliance mates and I made the point: Is there shame in admitting you are not as good as you’d like to be?

I don’t think there is.

Sure, there is the bragging rights. Everyone wants to talk about how awesome they are, and how everyone is worse than their corp/alliance/coalition. But that can’t be true for everyone.

It’s okay to say: “We are not good enough for this fight”. And that is true with Black Legion. They are delivering savage beatings.

So, you get faced with a choice.

Stay, and be on the receiving end of negative morale as you get crushed over and over. And watch participation plummet as you do so.

Or make the choice to make a change, even if that choice will get you poked fun at.

Well, the details are here: (WARNING: REDDIT AHEAD):

I think Zeroniss made the right choice. We really need to get ourselves in a state where we are rolling together like a cohesive team. Things haven’t been their best, and getting us back to a state where we can compete or take part in good fights is a good place to be.

However moving the new Carrier I have when I don’t have the skills for it is going to be a bloody nightmare! KHAAANNN!!!!

Peace out.

My EVE Career

My EVE Career.

So, I haven’t actually told you who I have flown with.

I actually started playing to get in tight with my boss, the GHSC heist was the topic and I figured it sounded awesome, and I should get into that.

For the first part of my Eve career I flew in a NPC corp just doing missions. That didn’t work out and I stopped playing, for ages.

Finally decided to come back and I decided to do things right.

First step was to get into a PC corp, and I got into Shadowfire. A really nice bunch of Miners and Industrialists based out of W-Space, part of the 4-M alliance. They have a nice Class 1 and 2 and live in there, doing sites and making obscene ISK with some of the tightest mining around. Look them up if you like. Verran Skarne is a chill bro. Link:

After making stupid mistake after mistake I realised I needed to actually get into the guts of Eve.

I joined Eve Uni. It was a no-brainer. A corp that trains you up. I availed myself of a great many courses, and began to get a real good idea of how Eve worked. Got into some fleet fights and developed a taste for PvP. Still didn’t get good at it. I blew up some terrible Tengus, and generally was all about the missiles. Did a whole load of Incursions, and developed a real love of Logistics. For all the bad mouthing that comes with being so big, the Uni was a very welcoming place, and had loads of great people.

After Uni is joined GoonFleet. And that didn’t last long. I am not saying all people in GSF are bad, quite the contrary, most of them are friendly and nice. There is a whole other story there which I might go into at a later date, but I wont badmouth everyone just because of my experience. I did not have a good time, and I chose to leave.

I still had a desire for PvP so I got into RvB. Random fights all day every day. Can’t go wrong with that. I began to appreciate Amarr ships during this time, hefty tank and decent damage. I had worked up Gunnery and was now set for all Hybrids. Now to go for Lasers. I also did some Bombers Bar fleets, because, well, Bombers Bar are amazing. Proof:

And then I got tired of RvB. It was fleet warfare with no real objectives. I still had the desire for nullsec, but I didn’t know what to do. I almost quit EVEat this time. I did Incursions (something I loved doing since Eve uni)

So I decided to bite the bullet and see what null sec corps I could find.

And, first one was the one I joined.

ReSpawners :

An EU timezone PvP corp. No PvE, all about the PewPew. I spoke to Captain Kanki and we went through my details. It was one of the fastest corp interviews ever. And I joined up straight away. One crazy flight later and in 6NJ, and being asked to join a fleet. It was that simple.

ReSpawners are part of 401k (boo hiss) who base out of 6NJ and do nullsec warfare and fun fleets. And I am happy to be part of them. Its a pretty laid back group, and no real stress. good people and good times.

That’s my Eve career so far. I have a desire to go into Black ops and then Capitals, and I think I have found the best place to do so, at this time.

Peace out.