End of Deployment

So, our deployment to Fountain has come to an end, and we soldier back to our home in Venal. We have an entire week with no fleets to gain ISK.

Which leaves me in a predicament. What should I do to gain ISK?

Now this is hard. I won a Somer Blink thing and got a stupid amount of ISK, and this is sitting in my Capital fund. But even with a T2 capital set I’ll still be on 10 billion. So I don’t need the money, but it’s good to get into the habit of earning it.

I have a few options.

Mining: Null sec mining got a major buff, so I could just mine  my ass off. In doing so I could start some manufacture in nullsec, or work on POS fuels. This may be what i do, as very few people do it. Got to be prepped for the hot drop though.

Planetary Interaction: This is always an option. Get some PI on the go and earn ISK in a passive fashion. it is also good in that If i do it right, I could just manufacture POS Fuels in nullsec.

Exploration: I think everyone and their dog will be doing this. Relic/Data sites can be super profitable though. Its kinda fun, and rewarding.

Ratting/Sites: Fighting PvE, with possibility of loot drops. Again the exploration system makes this awesome. Doing it in nullsec does leave you open to the hot drop however. i have got to be careful.

Missioning: I could slowly kill myself and get some standing with Guristas, and earn pittance. Let me think….

Incursions: My first PvE love. I could join Incursion fleets and go kick some ass. Is there still an Incursion civil war on the go?

This is not going to be an easy choice. Do you guys have any ideas?

Peace out