War On Test: Why We Fight

We are resetting Test.

The reason is that we want to achieve some sov, and the best way is to assault the test holdings. This is for some strategic direction and will involve tight doctrine ships and lots of structure shoots….naaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

The real reason was posted by Zeroniss yesterday, and I really liked reading it:

“The purpose behind the formation of 401K was simple. We are a number of experienced corporations that have tried and done a lot of what this game offers. At the end of the day though, after all the nonsense and politics, we want to just enjoy the game and have fun.

The entire idea behind the Retirement Club is to not take ourselves too seriously, not become too embroiled in pettiness or politics, and to just focus on having fun and generating fun for our membership, because it is always the membership that comes first.

Eventually over time we included younger corps into our midst and realised you don’t need to be old and jaded and bitter to have some of the same ideals to want to enjoy the game while striving to be good at it.”

The reason to reset Test is for fights.

Test wont be the only reset we do. And it is for no good reason for the fact they are around, and want fights.  We want more fights, more good interesting fights, and this is how we are going to get them.

We are not a large alliance. We are here for fun. Lets have fun.

When you read that, it sure makes things simple. When you distill it down, it looks a lot better.


Black Legion are a bunch of……

I am now back in beloved 6NJ.  So happy now that the deployment is over (It wasn’t the greatest of successes for us).  Fountain is, to us, a loss. The big fight was last night and it looks like the war is done. CFC take fountain and TEST go away.

That being said, a fight between multiple alliances and one alliance who had random help was never really going to be anything but a win for CFC anyway.

You have to give TEST credit for putting up a pretty epic struggle. And we got some pretty good fights. I hope they regroup and come back stronger than ever: New Eden always  needs some diversity

Now that’s over and Black Legion have reset us (Ref: http://themittani.com/news/black-legion-resets-retirement-club). Black Legion, as you recall, were the ones “Paid off” by the CFC to let their capitals go after some brilliant maneuvers. This of course means they are the great Satan and must be destroyed. In reality it means they are just guys who like fighting and want a fight that isn’t blue balls ahoy.  And we are gonna give them what they want. And what we want, of course. Reinforcing our moons is  a good way to initiate, and i think we will be glad to oblige. And it provides a tactical backdrop.

I get the whole “Person X is evil and must be destroyed” style of play. I just don’t really subscribe to it myself. People want to have fun and blow ships up. People want to have fun and mine, or do incursions, or mission. More power to them. If they are having fun, then so what? Where’s the beef? And a PvP alliance will have no fun if there isn’t anyone to shoot at.

There are some groups who practice the tactical blue ball in the hopes it will bore the other side out. I guess that’s all good and tactical and stuff. Just seems super boring.

I prefer to log in and kill ships.

BL, I’m told, really likes killing ships.

Hence this will be fun, and I think a bit of respect for the them is on order.

I’ll still be blowing you guys up.

Peace Out

Next door to 9-V: Hero Logi

9-V was an epic fight. You can get details here: http://themittani.com/news/battle-report-9-v-station-falls-cfc

Basically it was a final push for taking the station, and taking it over. It was CFC vs TEST/NS/ETC.

I was watching it on the Mad Ani twitch stream (http://www.twitch.tv/mad_ani) and I had to be impressed by some of the maneuvers.

But I wasn’t watching for just entertainment.

Next door, we had our own fleet. deployed to gank stragglers and disrupt CFC reinforcements.

The Timezone made this a very hard thing to do. We didn’t have a lot of ships on field, so we got into a Tornado fleet. High Alpha , with some Logi support.

Me in a solo logi. The return of “Hero Logi”. Scimitar


So I made some quick changes. Added a Cyno in a high slot (3 large reppers) and some ozone for one cyno, just in case it was needed, and away we went.

It was a pretty fun fleet. FC got us into the habit of pre-aligning before any damage was applied, and we started popping ships. We lost 2 Tornados and a Sabre, but for those losses got a few Megas, some Celestis, and some random ships that came to the wrong neighborhood.

It felt good, as we were heavily outnumbered by the opposing side, yet were able to dictate engagement range.

More and more I am respecting the Celestis support fleet composition. It is actually worse than ECM for negating Logistics advantages. I had a Sensor Booster with a script  just for scan res and kept in tight with the fleet as a result. The worst part is there is no real hard counter to the massed Celestis. Such a good doctrine, kudos.

Anyway, we got home okay, I didn’t die, and I saved a few nados. Sure, I wont be rocking any Killboard stats, but I like being able to facilitate the wins we did get.
Peace out.