Titan Idea

Right now the Titan is used for power projection. It’s ability to project a force of Subcaps into a location with zero risk to itself  (The only risk is hitting jump instead of bridge it seems) is the defining point of null-sec warfare. The reward for that power projection is to be able to dictate engagements. This, in of itself is a huge advantage, and can reduce the motivation for fleets/gangs to look for fights.

However there is a way to increase the Risk of these engagements, and make Titan use become exciting again.

When bridging, the Titan goes with the fleet.

Call it the “Battlestar Galactica” jump. Titan bridges in and “Launches the Alert Vipers” (aka the Fleet).  It cannot sit in the POS to deploy the fleet. He has to go with them.

And thus there is substantial risk with the power projection. As the opposing fleet might try to assault the Titan, or batphone others.

So titan use might not be of the high risk hotdrop. Perhaps a bridge in at range, with the titan fleeing after the bridge completes. The risk in engagements is now up to the pilot, and his cyno.

I know, there is a lot of work. Poetic Stanziel put a post on other Titan changes here: http://poeticstanziel.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/bringing-back-doomsday.html and this came from the discussion on G+ following it. Go, have a read. It’s a good post.

Peace out.